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The Outstanding Benefits of High Voltage Probes

For anyone who wants to safely investigate high voltage signals on a normal oscilloscope, a high-voltage differential probe is a must-have piece of test equipment. Your oscilloscope probe’s ground side is linked directly to the main earth for safety reasons. This implies you can only examine signals that are earth-referenced or truly floating, such as those seen in battery-powered circuits with one component linked to the mains via the scope. The high voltage probe series is designed for applications that require a wider range of voltages and more physical stability. In terms of look, the probes are one-of-a-kind. The probe has been pre-adjusted and does not require any adjustments in the field. Internal stray capacitances in the probe have been calibrated at the manufacturing.

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The use of a high-voltage probe

It can be difficult to identify at a glance whether the effect is caused by a ripple in the high-voltage supply or by something else when alternating bright and dark gray vertical bars occur on the left side of the raster. The technician, however, can see the high-voltage ripple on his scope screen and measure its peak-to-peak voltage using a high-voltage capacitance-divider probe. Similarly, if the picture brightness fluctuates slightly but rapidly, you can consider intermittent leakage in a high-voltage filter capacitor. A substitution test will, of course, answer the question, but a capacitance divider probe and scope will save you time and effort.

Portable High Voltage Probes Series

The PVM line of high voltage probes is designed for general use and boasts an unrivaled high-frequency response. The probes are used in a variety of applications, including automotive ignition, excimer laser system measurement, and EMI measurement. They don’t need to be adjusted because they’re factory-calibrated. The probes are designed to function with 1 Megohm oscilloscopes, but an optional switch can be used to adapt for other measuring devices. These devices are made for a wide range of applications that demand portability and simplicity.

VMP Probes in a Sequence

The Ross VMP HV probes are designed for use in insulated hand-held portable applications as well as the fixed attachment. Digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, and a variety of panel meters all use portable capacitive, resistive, and compensated variations. Capacitive types are used for wideband and pulse operations, while resistive kinds are used for DC or other single-frequency sine waves. In both the VMP and VD Series, compensated resistance/capacitance wideband DC to 1MHz (or more) variations are favored for typical applications.

The Subject-Under-Examination

A leading producer of conventional and harmonic drives for high-power AC electric motors used in HVAC systems, oilfield pumping equipment, and other applications. A system could contain a large number of modular power cells. Each must pass strict production quality inspections to assure not just customer delight but also customer safety. IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) devices are used to power the load. A logic board built within the cell controls the digital integrated circuits on this board, which is powered by low-voltage supplies derived from the transformer secondary voltage.

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